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Calling all Developers, data scientists, sales & pre-sales professionals and cutting-edge technologists!

Join us, in person, to hear about the latest trends and technology in the era of AI, with expert guidance from Microsoft executives and industry leaders like AMD. Check out product demonstrations and hear stories of AI deployments. Deep dive into the skills needed to pitch Microsoft’s AI and Copilot capabilities to your customers globally, and get hands-on experience with the technology to drive successful implementations. End the day in conversation with experts from Microsoft’s technical and sales teams. Register today for your preferred location.

The Microsoft AI Partner Training Roadshow will give you an opportunity to learn and experiment with generative AI, cloud-scale data, and cloud-native app development capabilities. More specifically, this event will cover:

  • Sales Excellence With Microsoft AI Services: Learn how to discover new opportunities, break barriers for your customers, and include the latest messaging from Microsoft to strengthen your AI pitch.
  • Build your own “Intelligent Agent” copilot: to answer customer questions on products and services: This hands-on scenario centers around building an “Intelligent Agent” where users can interact with a virtual agent to find product, user profile and sales order information. Participants will learn storing and managing chat history, using Azure OpenAI to generate vector embeddings and chat completions, performing vector search using Azure AI Search, ingesting and vectorizing data for real-time and transactional workloads, managing the process for conversation flow and prompt engineering for a customer-facing copilot.
  • Use & Deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365: Understand the M365 core architecture, data sovereignty, security and compliance, Copilot extensibility, deployment and monitoring performance.