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Whether you’re an Olympic athlete, seasoned chef or IT pro, you can benefit from the wisdom of someone who has done it before; someone who can show you the path to success while avoiding common pitfalls and roadblocks.

Technology advances at light speed, so keeping yourself and your organization current is demanding and requires nimble response. You have to be ready to expand and adapt constantly. It’s a process that is never finished; it’s constantly evolving so you have to evolve right along with it.

This is where Savvy Technical Solutions shines. We can help you get up to speed quickly on the latest technology so you can effectively deploy and support it in your organization. If knowledge is what you need, we’ve got your covered. Need extra hands to help you with the deployment? We’ve got you covered there too.

Technology and success are directly correlated. When we empower clients to use their technology with greater confidence and skill, we contribute to their personal and professional success. That’s our happy place.

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Our Team

Becky Bertram

Becky Bertram

Owner, Solution Architect, Trainer

When she was a child, Becky colored on the reams of dot-matrix printer paper that her father brought home from the the room-sized computers he programmed. In 1984, Becky learned how to write BASIC programs on her family’s 128k Macintosh computer. Technology has continued to excite her ever since. For more than two decades, Becky has helped organizations large and small leverage Microsoft technology to improve how they do what they do. Microsoft has taken note of her enthusiasm, having awarded her the prestigious “Most Valuable Professional” award every year since 2009. Becky has also been a Microsoft Certified Trainer for over a decade, and has written and edited multiple Microsoft professional exams and on-demand training courses. She is actively speaks regularly at user groups and conferences around the country. You can follow Becky on X at @beckybertram or on LinkedIn.

Jayme Spainhour

Executive Assistant, Technology Consultant

Women-Owned Business Certified

We are proud to be certified as a woman-owned business (WOB) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Additionally, we are a certified as an EDWOSB by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Download our Capabilities Statement today and learn how we can help you meet your DEI goals.

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